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  • Adrian Palmer

Discovering Your Design

We are incredibly blessed within the Renewal community to enjoy the presence and skills of so many creatives amongst us. Every Sunday, we benefit from the flair, creativity and inspiration of multiple musicians, singers, videographers, photographers, and children’s workers.

And day by day, our creative community unleashes their talents in multiple areas including baking, painting, filmmaking, coaching and coding.

Creativity is God’s gift to us. It is how we were designed. Being made in the image of God means that we are designed to have the nature of the master Creator. This may come as a shock to those, like me, who feel that we do not have an artistic bone in our body! But creativity is way broader than artistry or musicianship. Creativity can be expressed in the beauty of an Excel spreadsheet, a compelling argument, an ingenious letter or a shrewd conversation that brings harmony where there is fracture.

Let’s discover our design once again – and unleash the power of our transforming God-given creativity.

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