You might feel really helpless in this season and wonder what to do. One of the ways we really want to encourage people is to create what community we can during this season. Below are some of our thoughts on what this could look like during this season:



Check into our community groups for fun, fellowship and online feeding!

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What can we all do?

Message some friends: take your phone out and message a couple of people just to say you are thinking of them and offer to pray for them 

Offer to help someone: What might someone need you to help them with, can you offer to pick up shopping for someone 

Meet as you can: until it is really impossible to do so, in whatever safe ways you can let us continue to meet in twos and threes to pray and encourage one another

Get to know your neighbours

Check in with your church community: see how your friends from church are doing, have a phone call where you check out the bible together and pray for one another