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Welcome to Renewal Church

We are so glad you found us!

Renewal is a great community where there is something for everyone. We want to build a family of people who care for each other deeply, engage with our community and follow Jesus in honest and authentic ways.


Joining a community group or serving on a team is an easy way to meet people. We are always looking for help in our hospitality team, welcome team, Kids team and ground crew. Being on a team is a great way to play a part in the vision of the church.


We hold regular events for newcomers so that you can find out more about Renewal.

What are we about...

The idea is really simple!  We are called to be disciples of Jesus -  or in our language, we are called to ‘know him’, ‘grow like him’ and ‘do what he did’.

Know him – our life is geared around knowing Jesus; to learn about the person of Jesus and invite him into our daily lives. 


Grow like him – moves the idea beyond simply learning information about Jesus so that it starts to become formational to our lives. We don’t just need to understand who Jesus is,  but begin to adopt his practices into our lives. 

Do what he did – we are ultimately transformed  so that Jesus makes a difference in every sphere of our lives. And being a disciple of Jesus changes our practices and begins to change our world. 


We want to be a church that is equipping a community of people to adopt the lifestyle practices of Jesus.  Doing this changes the community around it. 

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