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Lead pastor Renewal church Nairobi.

If you are looking for brave, risk-taking, and adventurous work please read on.


Renewal Church was born out of a sense that whilst every other church was doing church for those who already loved it we would ‘do church for those who hate church’.


But more than a pithy statement this was a posture that we walked into every space of church life with. It meant not playing by the rules, in fact being open to breaking many of them, that we would take Jesus seriously but never take ourselves seriously, it meant that sex workers and ex-inmates could hopefully find a home with us and that the only thing that shaped our postures and programming was ‘does this help us practice the way of Jesus?’


Six years ago we sat on a veranda, with no money in the bank account (in fact we didn’t have a bank account to put any money in) with a dozen or so people who felt called to challenge the cultural norms and values of church, and to think differently about how we might reach a generation. In a time where churches around us were top down, hierarchical, programme and religion heavy, and looking to perpetuate its own programmes and initiatives. We wondered could we do it differently.


So we began doing church where relationships not structure mattered, and where we would intentionally look to value and equip people for the work they did on a Monday rather than help them be a better Christian inside the church on a Sunday. Where food and fun would be central to what we did and kids would never be the future of the church, they would be the church right now.


Fast forward to now and we have done a number of great things but we are daringly asking God what the next season looks like. Our founding pastor felt God ask him to step down with no sense of what he should do next but simply to get out of the way.


We long to be a church that continues to release the God given potential in every single person and to seek that out and play our part in nurturing it. We long to see not just the church become a bit more like Jesus but our city and beyond too.


Here you will find a list of some of the things we are looking for and some we are not:


We want someone who:

–       Loves Jesus

–       Is passionate about following Jesus

–       Is brave and bold – not scared of the mad, the bizarre, or the risky if God wants it

–       Thinks outside the box – way outside of the box!

–       Is culturally and cross-culturally savvy

–       Is not afraid of the mess and the broken

–       Is willing to take risks for what God wants to do

–       Is visionary, articulate, and inspiring

–       Is aware of their own humanity and brokenness

–       Is willing to grow, learn, and inspire others to do the same

–       Is a leader, willing to lead and grow those around them


We don’t want someone who is


–       A safe pair of hands

–       Has everything figured out

–       Paints inside the lines

–       Has answers for everything

–       Fits the mould

–       Takes themselves too seriously to be silly and messy


We intentionally don’t have a long list of requirements that people must meet because we find these unhelpful and we might miss great people along the way. But rather if you are gifted, dynamic and you are excited about this role we encourage you to be in touch.


Who we are:


We have put together a culture deck about who we are as a church that you can find on the link below and hopefully it will help explain who we are and why we operate the way we do and think how we do –


Next Steps:


To apply please send a CV/Resume and a covering letter (both maximum 2 pages) or if you want to know more, or to have an informal chat about the role please email Chris Arnold  


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