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Our vision and values

Renewal exists to “Know Jesus, Grow like Jesus and Do what Jesus did”.

Our vision is to be an authentic, and relevant family growing to become more like Jesus. The original vision, when we launched in 2018, was to run church for those who had given up on church and had grown disillusioned with it and provide a safe space for people to encounter and meet Jesus. We continue to do this, and our church is marked by accessibility, informality and a strong sense of community.


We continue to talk regularly about “practising the way of Jesus for the renewal of our city”.


Renewal welcomes people from all walks of life and at all different places in their journey of faith. We now have well over 300 in attendance on Sundays across our services with the majority being from Kenya but over 20 other nations are represented. We have a broad socio-economic span in our church life and work hard to make all feel welcome.

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Our values


We want each member of Renewal to be rooted in Christ and rooted in community.  Our desire is that we each understand our unique God-given identity and are consistently connected in an authentic community that provides friendship and encouragement as we pursue Jesus together.


More than me

God’s best life for us is fundamentally other-centred.  We value outrageous generosity, intimate worship and practical engagement in social justice.



We value living with brave, radical and courageous faith.  We want to be a people who venture confidently and develop a faith that works throughout the week – discipleship with Monday in mind.

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