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For our kids to love Jesus and love engaging with the life of the church.
Also subsequently for our parents to be equipped with the tools to disciple their kids. For us church is about so much more than a Sunday experience and we want to help give a frame work for families to engage in worship throughout the week.  

Kids resources

Fun things to do with all the family, click here

Fun activities to help teach your kids the way of Jesus, click here.

Carry on doing kids praise at home with these clips, click here

Fun clips

Some useful and fun video clips to help illustrate Jesus for our kids


Family Church

Every Sunday we gather at 10am until around 10:45 for games, worship, dancing, activities and breakfast snacks. Our time together looks like families on mission together worshipping, singing, praying, doing activities and a lot more. 

Come and join us at Hillcrest Prep School


11am service

We love to worship together with our kids so they stay in for our worship time and then they go out to different groups depending on age where they do games, activities, worship and prayer. 

We have a small creche area at the back of church for little ones and children are welcome to stay in during the service if they would prefer.


We are super informal and hope to make it an amazing experience for you and your family.


Please contact our children's team here if you want any more information or to give us feedback 


Renewal KIDS

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