Lead Pastor

Chris Arnold

Passionate about Jesus, adventures and seeing God's church flourish, will be found dreaming up a new idea, reading the Bible or playing sport. Oversees vision, teaching and formation,

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Director of Education. and Leadership

Adrian Palmer

Committed to seeing people realize their potential as leaders and as people of God. Found running or eating but not both together. Oversees education and people development. 

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Operations Manager

Jemmy Kagia

Known as the calm one in the team, Jemmy is a Lover of Jesus and Coffee. Likely to be found listening to worship or cycling escapades.

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Word others use for you - 


Favourite holiday spot - 

Monkey Bay or Lake Malawi

Meal you want cooked for you - 

Rice & beans cooked in a clay pot

Why Jesus? 

He is my strength & peace

Why Renewal? 

God wants to do a new thing in our generation for our city

Yourself in 5 words - 

Blessed Malawian living in Kenya 


Daniel Chikhwaza

Associate Pastor

Loves all things creative, Jesus and people. Likely to be enjoying food, writing a song, or being with friends. Great at connecting people into church life. Oversees worship and youth. 

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Christian Kimaru

Content Creator

A self-confessed tech geek who loves the toys and gadgets. Amazing at ensuring Renewal is online and serving people across our social media platforms. Passionate about Jesus and coffee, in that order (just). Oversees all things tech!

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Who we are..

Renewal church is a family and it is a team where everyone gets to play. Below are our staff team and some of the great roles they are involved in. If you want to know more about these areas please get in touch with them or email the office by clicking here.