What we want to see...

"We have mis-represented the Christian faith thinking that it was about getting people out of hell and into heaven. It's not, that's a great by product. The aim is how do we get the power of Jesus into people and then get people out of our church and into our world."  

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Our values

We love our vision but feel without our values it doesn’t stack up to much. We describe our values as the vehicles for the way God wants to use us for His vision. 


We recognise that we live in a country that often outwardly professes a sense of Christianity but know this is way more superficial than people think. So our job is not to celebrate being in the promised land of Christianity where everyone shares our views but rather to live as faithful exiles. 

Abandoned to worship


Worship is not just an activity it is a life posture and the Bible seems to suggest that ultimately it is a response to all that God has done. Which means that rather than it depending on how we feel it rather is about all that God has done. Therefore we want a posture of worship to dominate all our life and shape who we are. 


Outrageous generosity


Too often the church has been seen as a begging bowl. We want to change this narrative not just to become a church that is mildly generous but outrageously generous. So generous in fact that our world will look at us and think ‘wow those guys are different, we need to know why’. 


Practice the way of Jesus


Christianity is not about a one off response to God. For us it is about a daily commitment to live our lives practising the things that Jesus values. This so that we are becoming, in community and in the power of the Spirit, the kind of people that can partner with God to see his Kingdom come. For us this is measure by how do we ‘know Jesus’, ‘grow like Him’ and ‘do what He did’ in all areas of our life in community, in work, in family, in church and all other areas. 


More than me


Our world would have us believe that the world should and needs to be all about us. The story of the Bible is that life is fundamentally other centred. In a life that is about more than me we believe that we see God’s very best for our world, our community and for us. 

Practising the way of Jesus in Nairobi:

Know Jesus, grow like Jesus & do what he did