Shining a light in the darkest places

Why we exist

Around half the Kenyan prison population, some 23,000 people are on remand waiting for a trial. With no access to legal aid or representation they can wait for a trial for many years, some more than a decade. 

Around 40% of these people are innocent and many more victims of miscarriages of justice. We believe that this modern version of slavery is unacceptable and are actively trying to change this. 

What we do

We have a legal trust founded and run from our church to offer representation to the neediest and most vulnerable people in prison. We represent clients in courts and mediations to try and get wrongly imprisoned people released. 

Our dream

To provide holistic support across this system from getting prisoners released and then working to get them back into a society that will often reject them through skills training and employment, connecting people into communities and sharing the love of Jesus

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