This is what I require of you:

Act Justly, love mercy & walk humbly

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Why we exist

It is difficult to imagine a more horrifying and dehumanizing experience than to be imprisoned for a crime you did not commit. 


Around half of the Kenyan prison population are on remand waiting for their trial to be completed.  A high proportion of these inmates are actually victims of miscarriages of justice.  


AJAR provides free legal representation to those who have been wrongly charged or convicted. It was founded as one of the social justice arms of Renewal 

Church, Nairobi, Kenya.

How it works

AJAR uses legal representation to transform the lives of individuals and communities through:


LEGAL AID- Offering legal advice and representation to those inpre-trial detentionon a pro-bono basis through volunteer advocates and lawyers.


AFTERCARE SERVICES - Developing partnerships for our clients to receive spiritual formation, psychosocial support,life skills trainingand economic opportunities.


COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT - Liaising with grassroots organisations to aid in legal dialogues, sensitization and awareness.


STRATEGIC LITIGATION - Taking on public interest cases that will impact a large number of people and the wider criminal justice system.


ADVOCACY- Using a restorative justice approach to influence policyin the criminal justice systemin Kenya.

Our dream

To provide holistic support across this system from getting prisoners released and then working to get them back into a society that will often reject them through skills training and employment, connecting people into communities and sharing the love of Jesus