About prayer:

Richard Foster… ‘In the same way that a child cannot offer a bad picture to a parent, neither can we offer a bad prayer to God.’


The loving Father accepts what he sees as beautiful. He relishes not the technical aspects but the offering it is, he enjoys it for what it is rather than worrying about what it is not recognising that this is just a small child. 


In short we must learn to prayer as we can and not as we can’t.

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Different practices we can try

Types of prayer:

Ways we might pray:

The simple prayer - 

Component parts:

Where we are in life…it doesn’t sound very important but is actually the most profound thing – remember God can only ever bless you where you are he can only ever meet you where you are, not where you are not. 


Where you are – invite God into work, community, family, struggles, failures, dreams etc


How they make us feel…what is our emotional response to these situations – is it making us angry, sad, happy, nervous, unsure, fulfilled, joyful 


Whatever emotions you are experiencing offer them to God

Include the details…what details are most pressing for you. God is not dis-interested in the details of our lives, in fact he loves them.

Offer up the intimate details

Ask God to step in…remember we are not fatalist in our approach, we believe that prayer changes things and invokes God to act. 


ACTS Prayer

A is for Adoration – spend time worshipping Jesus.  Use your favourite music, a Psalm, write something, or choose a recent answer to prayer to inspire your praise.


C is for Confession – Ask the Holy Spirit to show you when you have sinned and fallen short of God’s love recently - you might want to use the words of a Psalm as your prayer.  Say sorry for whatever comes to mind, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you change your future behaviour.


T is for Thanksgiving – think, speak or write a list of good things in your life today and thank God for each of them.


S is for supplication – supplication is an old fashioned word for asking. Ask God to intervene in each situation you face. There's no special language or strategy needed. Jesus encourages usto keep it simple.



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