Fun Family activities

Dancing time


To stretch in different positions to help keep our minds and bodies active. This is great fun and silly time to have with your family. Adults make sure you get involved as kids LOVE seeing their parents do silly things! Great to do if it is raining or not a very nice day outside.

Remember we take Jesus seriously but not ourselves!


Thank God that he gave us bodies to dance and move. 



How do we worship God with our bodies?



Let the music and dancing begin. Praise God’s name to rhythm and the beat. Psalm 149:3




•The songs below do not need to be watched but listened to so as to keep TV time to a minimal 

Walking around the circle

1-5 year olds - dancing, hopping and falling around a circle together.

The hokey, pokey shake

2-6 year olds - an easy version of the old classic hokey pokey

Dance & Freeze

Musical statues done for all the family - get ready to freeze!

Shake and move

Dance to all different types of music and fun moves

Shake your sillies out

Shake all the sillies out of you!

Toddler animal yoga

What is the best pose you can do, stretch yourself out

Family Picture Time
Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 23.34.50.png
fun non-messy, messy play
Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 23.31.31.png
Sensory Play
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