Google Duo – a simple guide


Google Duo is an easy to use video conferencing application that allows you to meet several people at once.


The application works well on Android and IOS and allows a maximum of 8 people to communicate at one.


To set up a Google Duo Group

  • Download the Duo app through Google Play and Apple Stores. You will be sent a verification code which you will need to get started

  • You can invite potential members to join Duo by sending them an invitation through WhatsApp or email

  • When you open Google Duo, there is an option at the bottom of the page to Create Group.  If you click this, you can select those contacts you want to join a group

  • You can know make group calls and all members of the group can see each other on screen.

  • The app can be greedy for data – so it is best if members have access to WiFi.



Using Group Calls in Sunday Small Group Church


You can use Google Duo to join your small group meeting virtually, so it is very easy to have a meeting of people that are both physically and virtually present.