Coronavirus Update

Dear Renewal Family, 


We are aware that we are living in very uncertain times and want to support each of you as best we can.  Please be assured of our love and prayers for each of you.  


Please continue to join us in praying for our city and nation in this unprecedented time.


We would like to share a few updates and a picture of what church might look like in the coming weeks. 


In uncertain times, it is very likely that plans will change regularly.  Please bear with us as we try and communicate as clearly as we are able.


As far as is possible, and to the extent to which each individual feels comfortable, we are keen to keep meeting as communities.  For this reason, our hope is that Church on Sunday morning and evening will continue but it will be run in a different format. Our current plan is to offer multiple small groups across the city with a recommended maximum number of around 15 persons per group.  We will provide content and resources to support these groups.  We think this could offer a unique opportunity to build a stronger sense of community in the Renewal family.


If you are interested in hosting a Sunday group, please get in touch with Adrian at: . 


More details of the Sunday group meetings will be shared later in the week.  We are also exploring ways of allowing you to connect with groups digitally.


We will be sharing new materials and resources in a variety of formats to support you personally - please keep an eye on our website and social media.


Our current plan is that the Marriage Course, Pre-marriage Course, Rooted and Leadership 101 course will run for those who wish to attend.


Kindly remember to follow safety protocols: 

-    Let us avoid shaking hands and hugging

-    Carry a hand sanitizer

-    Wash hands regularly

-    Resist panic buying and hoarding – but also be able to share and help others

-    Stay at home if feeling unwell or running a fever

-    Self- isolate if you have travelled from any of the countries with infections 


We will be posting updates as things develop, so please follow on any of our social media platforms (renewal_church)or on our website.


If you have any questions or queries please be in touch with the church office ( or one of the church staff.


Many blessings


Renewal team